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 +====== Ability Mastery ======
 +Usually, five dots are the most skill a character can attain in a given [[Abilities|ability]]. ​ If your character already has five dots in an Ability, you can use [[Transformation Points|transformation points]] to buy an additional sixth dot.  This peerless degree of expertise is called Ability Mastery; ​ the character is considered an innovator head and shoulders above his peers. ​ Further, Ability mastery is required for a character to make [[Super Science|super-science]] inventions. ​ (A character with Ability mastery and a related specialty commands an impressive seven dice before adding his attribute score!) ​ You may purchase Ability mastery only once for a specific Ability and for a total of no more than three seperate Abilities.
 +{{tag>​sys}} ​
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