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 +====== All-Purpose Goggles (Equipment) ======
 +===== ALL-PURPOSE GOGGLES (PL 6) =====
 +Favored by craftsmen and technicians,​ the protective goggles that develop in the [[progress_level_5|Fusion Age]] combine several technologies to produce a great all-purpose device. Protective goggles have automatic dimmers that protect the wearer from all forms of blinding light, including flash-bang grenades and similar phosphorescent explosives. Protective goggles shield the eyes from all forms of radiation, pollution, dust, contamination,​ loose particles, acids, and any other matter that could harm the eyes. Furthermore,​ they have built-in magnification lenses that provide a +2 bonus checks made to manipulate, build, or objects that are at least Tiny in size.
 +{{tag>eq pl6}}
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