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 +====== Allies ======
 +Allies are people who support and help you — family, friends, or even an organization that owes you some loyalty. ​ Although allies aid you willingly, without coaxing or coercion, they are not always available to offer assistance; they have their own concerns and can do only so much for the sake of your relationship. ​ However, they might have some useful [[backgrounds|Background]] Traits of their own, and could provide you with indirect access to their [[contacts|Contacts]],​ [[influence|Influence]],​ or [[resources|Resources]]. ​ Allies are typically persons of influence and power. ​ They can be of almost any sort, depending on what your Storyteller will allow. ​ Your Allies are generally trustworthy. ​ However, nothing comes for free.  If you wind up drawing favors from your friend, he’ll probably ask you to do him a favor in kind in the future. ​ This often leads to the beginning of a story.…  ​
 +Allies may be [[pooling backgrounds|pooled]] among a team of characters.
 +  * * One ally of moderate influence and power
 +  * •• Two allies, both of moderate power
 +  * ••• Three allies, one of whom is quite influential
 +  * •••• Four allies, one of whom is very influential
 +  * ••••• Five allies, one of whom is extremely influential
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