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 +====== Alternate Identity ======
 +You maintain an alternate identity, complete with papers, birth certificates,​ or any other documentation you desire. Only a few may know your real name or identity. Your alternate persona may be highly involved in organized crime, a citizen of another country, a con artist who uses alternate identities for her game, or you may simply gather information about the in your another sphere of influence. Indeed, some people may know you as one individual while others believe you to be someone else entirely.
 +• You are new at this identity game. Sometimes you slip and forget your other persona.
 +•• You are well grounded in your alternate identity. You are convincing enough to play the part of a doctor, lawyer, funeral salesman, drug-smuggler,​ or a capable spy.
 +••• You have a fair reputation as your alternate persona and get name recognition in the area where you have infiltrated.
 +•••• Your alternate identity has respect and trust within your area of infiltration.
 +••••• You command respect in your area of infiltration,​ and you may even have accumulated a bit of influence. You have the trust (or at least the recognition) of many powerful individuals within your area.
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