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 ====== Ambidexterity (Feat) ====== ====== Ambidexterity (Feat) ======
-Created Monday 29 July 2013 swd20+**Prerequisites:​** ​ Dex 15 
 +**Benefit:​** You ignore all penalties for using an off hand. You are neither left-handed nor right-handed.
-**Prerequisites:**  dex 15 +**Normal:** Without this feat, a character who uses his or her off hand takes a –4 penalty on attack rolls, ability checks, and skill checks. For example, a right-handed character wielding a weapon with her left hand takes a –4 penalty on attack rolls with that weapon.
-**Benefit:​** ​ Ignore penalties for using an off-hand. +
-**Normal:​** +
-@feat @sw +**Special:​** ​ This feat helps offset the penalty for fighting with two weapons. See the [[two-weapon_fighting_feat|Two-Weapon Fighting]] feat and [[combat|Two-Weapon Fighting Penalties]]. 
 +{{tag>feat sw}} 
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