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 +====== Anarchist Union ======
 +The Anarchist Union began as a dozen or so independent systems dedicated to socialist thinking, and focused more on personal liberty and communal good than capitalistic enterprise and authoritarian government. Between [[timeline|2230 and 2299]], they slowly interacted more with each other, building a cooperative Union. Each system espoused individual freedom as being of the utmost importance, and they settled on the Old Earth label of anarchism. When the First Galactic War broke out, the Anarchist Union jumped at the chance to shrug off the stifling Terran Empire, and succeeded. Many smaller neighbors fell during the war, however, bringing the [[Thuldan Empire]] to the Union’s border. ​
 +From 2312 to 2346, the Anarchist Union improved its infrastructure,​ built a larger navy, and settled more systems to spread the great social experiment. While not flourishing,​ the Union did expand and improve. The decentralized government impeded massive expansion, but the carefully supervised judiciary ensured personal liberties were rarely infringed. ​
 +How long the Union would have lasted under internal pressures is a matter for political historians. One year into GW2, 2347, brought the first Thuldan incursions. At its height, the Union boasted only 3 fortress ships, and is historically labeled with the defunct “E” grade army and navy ratings. The Empire’s forces moved steady and deliberately,​ consolidating before moving on. This strategy allowed the Thuldans to concentrate elsewhere as they gathered forces for contact with the [[Hatire Community]]. The final Anarchist system fell in 2357. 144 years of Thuldan occupation have smothered the once bright fire of the Anarchists. However, a few radicals still carry the flame, and some refugees settled in what became [[Concord Sagittarius Protectorate|Concord Sagittarius]]. ​
 +An Anarchist hero brims with passion.
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