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 +===== ANCIENTIST =====
 +A small but growing religion is sweeping through many of [[the stellar nations]]. Begun in the [[Borealis Republic]], this new faith focuses on the ruins and monoliths left behind by a spacefaring civilization that rose, flourished and disappeared long before humanity left its home world. The faithful call themselves the Children, but the popular press refers to them as “the Ancientists” due to their fervent interest in the past.
 +This faith believes that this ancient civilization was a species of gods. Historians have labeled this mysterious group the Precursors.
 +Their power and majesty can be seen in the structures they left behind, claim the Ancientists,​ and they believe that the Precursors will someday return. On that day, the Precursors will grant humanity the knowledge and technology it needs to take its place beside them.
 +“We are the children of the Precursors,​” the Ancientists claim, “and soon they will return to see what we did with what they left behind. If we did well, they will shepherd us to the next level of existence.” Some Ancientists also believe that the Precursors will test and judge humanity when they return. If they find humanity wanting, the Precursors will destroy humanity and reclaim their ancient home. Ancientists,​ naturally, believe they will be spared this judgment—provided they can decipher the clues left behind in the Precursor ruins.
 +Ancientists tend to be scholarly, inquisitive,​ and fond of exploring and studying Precursor sites and artifacts. Their young faith has few established churches or hierarchical structures. Though it has a seminary on Sapphire and a [[Grid]] presence in many systems, members of the faith usually gather at Precursor sites to meet, exchange information,​ and worship.
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