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Sesnory Boost (Cyberware)


This neural enhancement is installed deep within the brain and artificially boosts the recipient's perceptions to unprecedented levels by limiting input from all other sources.

Benefit: The sensory boost enhancement will only affect a single sense (hearing, sight, smell, taste, or touch) at a time. While the sensory boost is active, all Listen, Search, or Spot checks that may reasonably be affected by that sense receive a +2 equipment bonus, while all Listen, Search, or Spot checks made using the other four senses suffer a -4 penalty. For example, a character who is using his sense of touch to locate a hidden panel on a wall can boost his tactile sensations to add a +2 equipment bonus to his Search check, but all other Listen, Search, or Spot checks that he makes that involve his other four senses while the sensory boost is active suffer a -4 penalty.

A NIJack system is needed to take advantage of this implant.

Type: Internal

Location: None

Hardness/Hit Points: -/4

Base Purchase DC: 28

Restriction: None

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