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-Content-Type:​ text/​x-zim-wiki +======Armor Proficiency (Medium) (Feat)====== 
-Wiki-Format:​ zim 0.+You are proficient with medium armor.
-Creation-Date:​ 2013-07-26T03:​22:​14-04:​00+
-====== ​Armor Proficiency (Medium(Feat) ====== +**Prerequisite:​** [[armor_proficiency_light_feat|Armor Proficiency (light)]]
-Created Friday 26 July 2013 d20m+
-You are proficient with medium armor. +**Benefit:​** See Armor Proficiency (light)
-**Prerequisite:​** Armor Proficiency (light). +
-**Benefit:​** See Armor Proficiency (light)+
-**Normal:** See Armor Proficiency (light).+
 +**Normal:** See Armor Proficiency (light)
 +{{tag>​feat modern}}
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