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====== The Star*Drive Universe Wiki ======

The year is 2501, and as the 26th century dawns, the Orion Arm of the Milky Way is slowly recovering from the Second Galactic War (GW2). The Galactic Concord has arisen from the ashes of interstellar conflict and seeks to safeguard peace among the contentious Stellar Nations of “Old Space.”

At the edge of civilized space, the area at the very tip of the Orion Spiral known as “the Verge,” has been cut off from the rest of the galaxy for more than a hundred years. Many of the colonies that existed when the war began withered and died in the face of the Long Silence, but others have survived and some have even prospered.

Diplomatic, military, and economic positioning and blustering not only threaten the independence and safety of the Verge, but may be the spark that sets off a Third Galactic War.

The d20 Future book has a small section on the conversion of the Star*Drive setting previously published in the Alternity system into d20.

This conversion of the Star*Drive campaign setting is made using Wizards of the Coast’s d20 Modern and Future system as its base. This resource is meant to bring together all relevant Star*Drive d20 material and set aside any non-Star*Drive material.

For general rules and reference, the d20 Future and/or d20 Modern core books should be used wherever not superseded by these rules. Other books, both from Wizards of the Coast and from other sources, are borrowed from and referred to as well, and all are used with the utmost respect for and gratitude to their respective creators.

Mechanics Sources

D20 Modern, D20 Future, Master Class Psychic's Handbook, D20 Cyberscape, D20 Apocalypse, D20 Player's Companion, D20 Future Tech, D20 Past, D20 Urban Arcana, D20 Dark*Matter D20 Web Enhancement, Star Wars D20 Revised, Star Wars D20 Hero's Guide, Polyhedron Magazine

Other Sources

Star*Drive Campaign Setting, Alternity Player's Handbook, Star*Drive Arms & Equipment Guide, Dragon Magazine, Action Check Issue Number, Alternity Gamemaster's Guide, Alternity Mindwalking: A Guide to Psionics, Alternity Dataware

Open Game License 1.0a

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