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Normal cybernetic technology is based on electronics and mechanics, but a few have taken the next evolutional step and have developed cybernetic devices based on living organisms genetically designed and grown for an intended purpose. Any type of cybernetic technology composed of genetically designed living tissue or a biological–mechanical hybrid material is called wetware. However, not all wetware is purely biological. Some of it is technological material that meshes with natural biofunctions. One example is a titanium bone replacement, which, when used to patch a fractured bone, over time naturally meshes with new bone growth. Though originally inorganic, wetware of this kind works closely enough with the body’s natural functions to use the same rules as purely organic wetware.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Unlike normal cybernetic devices, wetware devices heal themselves at a rate of 1 hit point per hour when damaged. Cybernetic devices of this kind do not cause the recipient to take additional damage from electricity attacks or cause the target to take any unusual effects after failing a Fortitude save against massive damage. They are, however, susceptible to diseases and poisons specifically designed to target wetware material. Wetware does not have separate hardness and hit points from the recipient. A sunder attempt can still be made by foes. On a successful hit, the recipient takes any damage dealt and must attempt a DC 15 Fortitude save. On a failed save, the cybernetic device is considered broken (though not the limb it which it is implanted). A replacement part cannot be sundered in this way, only augmentations.

The following implants can be bought as wetware: Artificial Organs (and Upgrade version), Prosthetic Arm (and Upgrade version), Prosthetic Leg (and Upgrade version), Cosmetic Implants, Locking Joints, BattleKlaws, Light Amplification Optics, Microscopic Optics, Nasal Filter, Nightvision Optics, Skill Implant, Stabilizer, Subcutaneous Body Armor, and Fortified Skeleton. Wetware is 1 PL higher than a cybernetic version of the same device and has a +3 modifier to its purchase DC.

Creating Wetware

A wetware implant is created in the same way as a normal cybernetic implant, but in addition to the Craft Cybernetics feat, the designer must have 10 ranks in Knowledge (Life Sciences).

Adrenal Gland (PL 7)

An extra adrenal gland allows the recipient to gain a much higher boost when threatened, though the extreme physical activity has a downside as well.

Benefit: Once per day, as a free action, the recipient can increase his Strength and Dexterity scores by 1d4+1 points for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the recipient’s Con modifier. Once the duration ends, the recipient takes a –4 penalty to Strength and Dexterity for 1d4 hours.

Type: Internal. Location: One head. Base Purchase DC: 20. Restriction: None.

Cosmetic Biosculpt (PL 7)

A cosmetic biosculpt makes numerous tiny additions and changes to the recipient’s body, increasing its aesthetic value in appearance, movement, voice tone, and feel.

Benefit: The recipient is extremely attractive after a cosmetic biosculpt, not just in looks, but also in motion and mannerisms. The recipient gains a +5 bonus on Diplomacy checks and a +4 bonus on Gather Information checks.

Type: External. Location: None. Base Purchase DC: 29. Restriction: Lic (+1).

Gator Hide (PL 7)

A vat-grown artificial skin, gator hide is, despite the name, indistinguishable from the recipient’s original skin in appearance and texture. The material is considerably tougher, however, making the recipient much more resistant to damage.

Benefit: Gator hide gives a +1, +3, or +5 natural armor bonus to Defense.

Type: External. Location: One torso. Base Purchase DC: 22 (+1), 25 (+3), or 28 (+5). Restriction: None.

Fins (PL 7)

Fins are a combination of a dorsal fin and webbing for fingers and toes, making the recipient a skilled swimmer.

Benefit: The recipient gains a natural swim speed of 20. He gains a +8 bonus on Swim checks and can take 10 on a Swim check even while distracted or in combat. It’s possible to have even larger fins installed for the same cost and space, along with larger toes for more footwebbing. Recipients of this wetware implant have a natural swim speed of 30; however, walking becomes awkward, causing the recipient’s land speed to drop by 50%. Only recipients who plan to spend the majority of their time underwater tend to take this option.

Type: External. Location: None. Base Purchase DC: 20. Restriction: None.

Gills (PL 7)

Gills are usually specially grown for transplantation into a recipient, but rarely the gills of a large marine animal (such as a shark) are taken for transplantation. The gills are implanted on the neck, flank, or back of the recipient. They can be easily concealed under clothing, but are unmistakable when spotted.

Benefit: The recipient can breathe normally underwater for any length of time with no risk of drowning. Gills work in both fresh and sea water, though water with toxins is just as hazardous as air with toxins.

Normally, gills are added to the recipient without replacing the recipient’s lungs. However, it is possible to completely replace the lungs with gills, allowing the recipient to only breathe water, but not air. This conversion is normally done only in conjunction with the addition of fins to create fish-folk for a commercial company’s underwater operations.

Type: External. Location: One torso (none for lung replacement). Base Purchase DC: 23 (21 for lung replacement). Restriction: None.

Pheromone Glands (PL 7)

A vat-grown pheromone gland is installed near the major sweat glands of the recipient. This produces strong pheromones specifically designed to entice and befuddle both humans and animals.

Benefit: The recipient gains a +2 equipment bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, or Intimidate checks made against creatures within 30 feet. A check made against a creature that need not breathe, or who is immune to poisons, or who has a separate sealed supply of air, does not receive this bonus.

Type: Internal. Location: None. Base Purchase DC: 29. Restriction: Lic (+1).

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