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Character Creation Process

Part 1: Genesis

Step One: Character Concept

Step Two: Select Attributes

Prioritize the three categories (Physical, Social, Mental) into Primary, Secondary, Tertiary:

  • Primary Attribute category receives 6 dots, secondary receives 4 dots and tertiary receives 3 dots. (6/4/3)

Note that each Attribute starts with one dot before you add any. Assign a number of dots to each attribute. The Attribute maximum is 5 dots.

Step Three: Select Abilities

Choose desired Abilities. (23 Dots)

No Ability may be higher than 3 at this stage.

Step Four: Select Backgrounds

Choose Backgrounds. (5)

No Background may be higher than 5 at this stage.

Step Five: Finishing Touches


Record starting Willpower (2).

Bonus Points

Spend Bonus Points (21)

The player may take up to seven points of Flaws to gain more Bonus Points.

Part 2: Transformation

Step One: Inspiration

Choose an Instance of Inspiration. “…and then, all of a sudden…”

Step Two: Transformation Points

Part 3: Last Details

Step One: Final Touches

Calculate final Initiative and soak.

Step Two: Spark of Life

Decide how you character came to be who she is and prepare for Prologue.

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