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Cybernetic Attachments

Two kinds of cybernetic attachments exist: replacements and enhancements.

Construction and Repair

Cybernetic attachments are complex instruments with both electrical and mechanical components. Consequently, a character must have the Craft Cybernetics feat to build a cybernetic attachment. Repairing a damaged or nonfunctional cybernetic attachment requires hours of work and a successful Repair check. A character needs both an electrical tool kit and a mechanical tool kit to facilitate repairs. Without one or the another, a character takes a -4 penalty on the check; without both kits, the penalty increases to -8.

Installation and Removal

Installing or removing a cybernetic attachment, regardless of whether it's a replacement or enhancement, requires a successful Treat Injury check. A character with the Cybernetic Surgery feat suffers no penalty on the check.

Removing a cybernetic attachment without proper surgery causes lasting physical trauma to the patient's body, dealing 1d4 points of permanent Constitution drain. (Except Mechalus)

Number of Attachments

Only living creatures can have cybernetic attachments. In addition, a living creature can have a maximum number of cybernetic attachments equal to 1 + the creature's Constitution modifier (minimum 0) times two.

(1+ConMod)x2 = Max #

For example, a creature with a Constitution of 14 (+2 modifier) can have a maximum of six cybernetic attachments, while a creature with a Constitution of 9 (-1 modifi-er) can bear none. A creature may have more cybernetic attachments installed on its body can it can bear. However, the creature gains 1 negative level per cybernetic attachment that exceeds its maximum allowed. For each negative level, the creature takes a -1 penalty on all skill checks and ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws, and loses one effective level or Hit Die whenever level is used in a die roll or calculation. Further, a character with psionic powers loses the ability to recover Vitality points lost from the use of psionic powers. This loss persists until the negative level is removed.

Negative levels caused by having too many cybernetic attachments remain until the offending attachments are removed.

Cybernetic Implant Slots

There are a limited number of spaces an organic being can have cybernetic devices implanted. Each creature has a number of locations that can be either flesh or cybernetic. Each location has a number of implant slots, representing the amount of space that can be taken up by cybernetic devices.

Cybernetic Device Locations

Location Device Slots
Head 3
Torso 4
Left Arm 3
Right Arm 3
Left Leg 3
Right Leg 3

Filling all of the slots in a given location leaves just the minimal biomass required for the creature to keep functioning.

It’s possible to stuff one more slot of implants into any given location, but doing so has the same effect as exceeding a character’s maximum total number of cybernetic attachments (ie, the character gains a negative level and must make a Cykosis save).

Most cybernetic attachments take up one slot, though a few take two and a very few take none. The table shows a number of slots a standard humanoid has in each location. The number of slots does not vary based on Size, as bigger creatures require bigger implants and smaller creatures require smaller ones.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Cybernetic attachments provide countless benefits to their recipients. For example, cybernetic eyes can bestow darkvision, improve the accuracy of the recipient's ranged attacks, or emit pencil-thin laser beams. A cybernetic brain implant can improve the recipient's response time in a crisis, protect against mind-influencing attacks, or increase the flow of adrenaline throughout the body. The possibilities of cybernetic technology are endless.

Although the benefits make cybernetics very alluring, the drawbacks are equally discouraging:

Electricity Vulnerability

A creature with one or more cybernetic attachments takes 50% more damage from any attack that deals electricity damage. This vulnerability to electricity can be offset by an Anti-Shock Implant.

Negative Levels

Whenever a creature exceeds its maximum number of cybernetic attachments, it gains negative levels until the excess attachments are removed.

Susceptibility To Attack

External cybernetic attachments are subject to attacks as if they were objects worn by their recipients; see the rules for attacking objects in Combat.

Massive Damage Effects

Massive damage wreaks havoc with cybernetic attachments. Whenever a creature with cybernetic attachments fails a Fortitude save against massive damage, the GM should roll percentile dice and consult the Massive Damage Effects table to determine what happens.

Normal Effect: The character immediately drops to -1 hit points and is dying.

Attachment Disabled: One cybernetic attachment (determined randomly or chosen by the GM) ceases to function until repaired (10hr Repair check, DC25). The character suffers the effects of the disability—as noted in the description of the cybernetic attachment—for as long as the attachment remains disabled.

Attachment Damaged: One cybernetic attachment (determined randomly or chosen by the GM) continues to function but develops an unpleasant side effect that persists until the attachment is repaired (10hr Repair check, DC25).

Side Effect: The character suffers a debilitating side effect as the result of a damaged attachment. Various side effects are presented on the Side Effects table, above; the GM may select one or roll randomly. Side effects (other than Cykosis Points—which are permanent) persist until the damaged attachment is repaired.

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