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 +====== Backing ======
 +Backing represents your character’s standing in an official (or unofficial) organization. This organization could be a business, a government office, the military or a shadowy secret society. If your Storyteller agrees, you may take Backing multiple times to represent status in different organizations. (Perfect for double agents.) As with the [[Allies]] [[Backgrounds|Background]],​ your character isn’t solely on the receiving end of the gravy train here. The group looks out for your character, trusts her with its finances and equipment, gives her leadership over its personnel and so on because it expects the character to further its goals. (Backing from an organization your character doesn’t believe in is ripe with dramatic potential, but don’t be surprised if the group stops trusting her pretty quick.) As with Allies, a character who abuses the benefits of her Backing must face the consequences,​ sooner or later.
 +x None; you're a grunt with no pull.
 +1 You’re a minor functionary,​ performing for little recognition,​ but you have a bit of formal authority to throw around. Example: An army sergeant.
 +2 You've got a stable post with a secretary, acolyte. staff sergeant or other gofer to help you keep your underlings in line. Example: A section editor at a major metropolitan newspaper.
 +3 You enjoy a poorly defined middle-management post and can do whatever you want as long as you don't make waves. But if you do make waves, you can catch it from both directions. Example: Vice-President in Charge of Long-Range Planning.
 +4 You have a position of some authority and privilege, with considerable trust from your organization. You would have to make a major mistake to get in trouble. Example: Catholic Archbishop.
 +5 You’re a mover and a shaker, on a first-name basis with anyone in the organization who could take your power away. Example: 33rd Degree Freemason.
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