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Action Points

Created Monday 29 July 2013


Action Points provide you with the means to affect game play in significant ways. You always have a limited supply of action points, and while you replenish this supply with every new level your character attains, you should use them wisely. Normally, you may only spend 1 action point per round. You can spend 1 action point to do any one of these things:


When you spend an action point to alter a roll, you roll a number of d6 based on your character level and add the best result to a d20 roll used to make an attack, a skill check, or a saving throw. Use of the action point is a free action, but must be announced before the GM reveals the result of the d20 roll to be modified. Unless you have a feat or other abil-ity that allows you to use action points to af-fect others, you can only affect your own rolls. You can’t use an action point to modify a roll if you’re taking 10 or 20 (and so not rolling). Depending on your character level, you may be able to roll more than one die when you spend an action point. If you do so, you keep the highest roll and discard the others.


Many of the more potent class features and talents require the hero to spend an action point to use them. Spending the action point is a free action, though use of the talent or class feature may require an action. When spending an action point this way, you may not use that action point or spend another to alter a die roll in the same round, unless you have a feat or other special ability that allows you to do so.

Character Level Action Dice Rolled 1st—7th 1d6 8th—14th 2d6 15th—20th 3d6 21st—25th 4d6 26th—30th 5d6 30th+ 6d6

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