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Allies are people who support and help you — family, friends, or even an organization that owes you some loyalty. Although allies aid you willingly, without coaxing or coercion, they are not always available to offer assistance; they have their own concerns and can do only so much for the sake of your relationship. However, they might have some useful Background Traits of their own, and could provide you with indirect access to their Contacts, Influence, or Resources. Allies are typically persons of influence and power. They can be of almost any sort, depending on what your Storyteller will allow. Your Allies are generally trustworthy. However, nothing comes for free. If you wind up drawing favors from your friend, he’ll probably ask you to do him a favor in kind in the future. This often leads to the beginning of a story.…

Allies may be pooled among a team of characters.

  • * One ally of moderate influence and power
  • •• Two allies, both of moderate power
  • ••• Three allies, one of whom is quite influential
  • •••• Four allies, one of whom is very influential
  • ••••• Five allies, one of whom is extremely influential
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