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Aside from the many sizes and calibers of am-munition used by different firearms and the arrows and bolts used by bows, there is a large variety of options and modifications available for ammunition. Standard ammunition type are listed below with prices. Even when purchased for a restricted weapon, am-munition in itself is rarely illegal to own. No PL is listed for standard ammunition types, as a given ammunition is always available at any PL that can produce a weapon that uses it.


Weapons store their ammunition in various ways. How a weapon is reloaded depends on its magazine type.

Box: Box magazines (commonly called “clips”) can be removed and reloaded separately from the weapon. This allows characters to carry extra magazines, already loaded, and simply swap an empty one with an extra as a move action. Reloading an empty box magazine with bullets takes a full-round action.

Cylinder: Revolvers keep their ammunition in a cylinder, which is part of the weapon and serves as the firing chamber for each round as well. Unlike box magazines, cylinders cannot be removed, and must be reload-ed by hand, requiring a full-round action. Purchasing a speed loader allows the revolver to be reloaded as a move action. Internal: Some weapons keep their ammunition in an internal space, which must be loaded by hand, requiring a full round action.

Linked: Many machine guns use belts of linked ammunition. The bullets are chained together using small clips, forming the belt. Typically, the belt holds 50 rounds; any number of belts can be linked together to create a virtually endless supply of ammunition. In many military units, as the gunner fires, as assistant clips new ammunition belts together, keeping the weapon fed.

Loading a belt of linked ammunition is a full-round action. Linking two belts together is a move action. Linking 50 rounds of am-munition together to create a new belt takes 1 minute (ten rounds).


The specific ammunition types described below are only available at specific PLs. They are usually custom made to specific sizes and calibers, and are rarely available “off the shelf.” These ammunition modifications can be applied to any of the standard ammunition types listed above except for power packs.

Note that the purchase DCs listed on the chart are for the modification; the ammunition itself must be supplied by the buyer or paid for separately.

Ammunition fitted with these modifications cannot be further customized with gadgets, nor can ammunition already fitted with gadgets be fitted with these modifications.


A heavy-duty dart with a sound chip and tiny speaker attached, a distraction round equipment deals no damage. Instead, it sticks in a solid surface and begins emitting a random series of small noises– quiet breathing, small coughs, creak-ing leather, the sound of scraping feet, and so on. These noises are just loud enough to attract the attention of a nearby sentry (listen DC 13), potentially providing a distraction.


A subsonic slug outfitted with a tiny transmit-ter, the jammer round equipment disrupts electronic de-vices without destroying them or affecting nearby devices. The jammer round need only be fired into the same 5-foot square as the target device (an effective Defense of 10). Any electronic device in the same square be-comes nonfunctional for 3 rounds.


Microphone rounds equipment are subsonic slugs fitted with miniature microphones and micro-transmitters. The round can be fired into any solid object. Once affixed, the round trans-mits sound to a receiver unit within 100 feet of the transmitter. The round picks up and transmits sound to the listener as if she were standing at the impact point.


Deflecting ammunition creates a gravity deflection field that causes the bullets to bounce off walls. When used properly, deflecting ammunition equipment can be bounced around any barrier, around corners, underneath ve-hicles, and so forth for maximum penetration potential. Any character using deflecting am-munition gains the benefit of the Skip Shot feat.


plasma coated ammunition equipment Consisting of an armor-piercing round enveloped in superheated plasma, this type of ammunition reduces the defense bonus provided by armor by 2, to a minimum of +1. Half of the damage dealt is fire damage and half of the damage is ballistic.


Each round of seeker ammunition contains a microscopic computer and gravity-bending generators. When seeking ammunition leaves the chamber, it immediately detects the range to the target, if that target moves, the gravity generators nudge the bullet into a new trajectory to intercept its target at its new location. Seeking ammunition grants a +1 bonus to attack rolls.


Surveillance rounds equipment are subsonic slugs fitted with miniature cameras and micro-transmitters. The round can be fired into any solid surface. Once affixed, it transmits its view to a monitor designed to receive the round’s signal (see Surveillance Round Receiver equipment in the Weapon Accessories section). The round’s field of vision is only 90 degrees and is centered on the line from the firing point to the impact point. The field of vision cannot be changed, and the surveillance round does not pick up audio.

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