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Ammunition Gadgets

The following gadgets are universal and can apply to ammunition found in any era, provided all gadget-specific restrictions are ob-served.


This is a lighter type of shotgun ammunition. It reduces the damage dealt by a shotgun by I die.

  • Restrictions: Shotguns only.
  • Purchase DC Modifier: -1.


Rather than a solid slug, the projectile is an injector dart designed to deliver a dose of broad-range muscle relaxants. The projectile has half the normal range increment for the weapon and deals only 1d3 points of dam-age. If this penetrates the target's DR, the dart injects the target with muscle relaxant, dealing 1d4+1 points of Dexterity damage. The target can make a DC 14 Fortitude save to reduce the ability damage by half. Restrictions: Ballistic weapons and am-munition only. Purchase DC Modifier: +4.


The range of a ranged weapon is doubled. Melee weapons are not affected by this gadget. Restrictions: Ranged weapons only. Purchase DC Modifier: +2.


Flechette rounds fire bundles of razor-sharp, fin-stabilized tungsten darts. A weapon that fires this ammunition improves its critical threat range by +1, but takes a -1 penalty on attack rolls. Restrictions: Projectile weapons only. Purchase DC Modifier: +4.


Projectile ammunition with custom loads or energy weapons with dispersion crystals im-prove the damage of the weapon by +1. Restrictions: Ranged weapons only. Purchase DC Modifier: +2.


Utilizing high-frequency energy bursts, shots from this weapon reduce the effectiveness of armor. When fired at an opponent wearing any type of armor, the attack receives a +2 bonus. It has no benefit against targets that are not wearing armor. Restrictions: Ranged non ballistic weapons only. Purchase DC Modifier: +3.


By employing hollow-point ammunition or diffusion crystals, this gadget allows ranged weapons to produce significantly greater damage output. This gadget adds 1 die to the weapon's damage (increasing damage from 2d8 points to 3d8. for example). Restrictions: Ranged weapons only. Purchase DC Modifier: +10.


Advances in ammunition propulsion and power output enable standard-sized clips to hold more ammo. This gadget increases the number of rounds or shots in a clip by 50%. Restrictions: Ranged weapons only. Purchase DC Modifier: +3.


The following gadgets are found in the Gravi-ty Age and can apply to weapons of that era or later, provided all gadget-specific restric-tions are observed.


Nanorounds are programmable projectiles equipped with nanite loads that can be set to attack only certain materials, such as metal or flesh (chosen before firing and set with a move action).

Nanorounds exist for all ballis-tic weapons, as well as for bows and cross-bows.

A nanoround deals no damage on a successful hit. Instead, it deals damage over the following 1d3+1 rounds to whatever ma-terial it has been programmed to damage.Restrictions: Ballistic weapons and bows only. Purchase DC Modifier: +4

Nanoround Damage per Round Setting Damage/Round Flesh Tissue 1d4 Con Bone Tissue 1d4 Str Nerve Tissue 1d2 Dex/1d3 Int Metal 1d2 hardness/1d2 hp Wood 1d3+1 hardness/1d3+1 hp

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