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Craft (Visual Art) (Skill)

Craft (Visual Art) (Int)

This skill allows you to create paintings or drawings, take photographs, use a video camera, or in some other way create a work of visual art.

When attempting to create a work of visual art, the character simply makes a Craft (Visual Art) check, the result of which determines the quality of the work.

Unless the effort is particularly elaborate or the character must acquire an expensive piece of equipment, the basic components have a purchase DC of 5.

Creating a work of visual art requires at least a full-round action, but usually takes an hour, a day, or more, depending on the scope of the project.

Special: A character with the Creative feat gets a +2 bonus on all Craft (visual art) checks.

Skill Check ResultEffort Achieved
9 or lower Untalented amateur
10-19 Talented amateur
20-24 Professional
25-30 Expert
31 or higher Master
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