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The Health chart on the character sheet helps you track your character’s current physical condition. It also lists the penalty imposed on your dice pool for each level of injury that your character sustains. As your character suffers more injuries, her health declines until she becomes incapacitated or dies.

Health Level Dice Pool Penalty Movement Penalty
Bruised 0 Character is bruised or winded, but suffers no dice penalties due to damage.
Hurt –1 Character is superficially hurt, but suffers no movement hindrances.
Injured –1 Character has suffered minor injuries, and movement is mildly inhibited (halve maximum running speed).
Wounded –2 Character has suffered significant damage. He can walk, but he cannot run.
Mauled –2 Character is badly injured, and may only stagger (about three yards or meters per turn).
Crippled –5 Character is catastrophically injured, and can only crawl (about one yard or meter per turn).
IncapacitatedCharacter is incapable of movement

Applying Damage

There are two damage types. Bashing damage includes all forms of temporary injury — from punches, clubs, and other blunt trauma. Lethal damage covers permanent, killing wounds.

All types of injuries are cumulative, and the combined injury determines your character’s current health level. Specifics on each type of damage are provided below. Bashing damage is recorded as a slash (“/”) in the appropriate Health chart box, while lethal damage is marked with an “X.” Lethal damage always gets marked above bashing.

Bashing levels taken after lethal levels are simply drawn in on the next open box. Bashing damage isn’t as severe as lethal, so it’s always marked last and healed first.

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