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Disguise (Skill)


Use this skill to change your appearance. The effort requires at least a few props and some makeup. A disguise can include an apparent change of height or weight of no more than one-tenth of the character’s actual height and weight unless specially crafts a prosthetic or costumes are involved.

You can also impersonate other people, either specific individuals or a type or species.

Check: Your Disguise check result determines how good your disguise is. It is opposed by others’ Spot check results. Make one Disguise check even if several people make Spot checks. The GM makes your Disguise check secretly so that you’re never sure how well your disguise will hold up to scrutiny.

If you don’t draw any attention to yourself, however, others don’t get to make Spot checks. If you come to the attention of people who are suspicious, such as police officers checking IDs at a check point, the suspicious person gets to make a Spot check. The GM generally assumes that such observers take 10 on their Spot checks. The effectiveness of your disguise depends largely on just how much you’re attempting to change your appearance.

Minor details only+5
Appropriate uniform or costume+2
Disguised as different sex-2
Disguised as different age category-2
Disguised as another species-5
Disguised as robot/Disguise robot as emulated species-3
Hide/imitate Cybernetics-2*
Hide/imitate Mutation-2*

* Apply this penalty for each occurrence of the aspect to be disguised.

1 Per step of difference between categories.

If you’re impersonating a particular individual, those who know what the person looks like automatically get to make Spot checks. Furthermore, they get a bonus to their checks based on how well they know the person you’re impersonating.

Usually, an individual makes a Spot check to detect a Disguise immediately upon meeting you and each hour thereafter. If you casually meet many people different people, each for only a short time, the GM makes an hourly Spot check for the group, using an average Spot check modifier (and taking 10).

FamiliaritySpot Bonus
Recognizes on sight+4
Friend or associate+6
Close friend+8

Disguise Object: You can use this skill to temporarily change the appearance of an object, so that it is not immediately evident what function the object actually serves. This use of the skill requires time and some additional material to “dress up” the object:

Size of Character or VehicleTime Required
Tiny and smaller1d6 x 5 minutes
Small to Large1d8 x 10 minutes
Huge to Colossal1d10 x 20 minutes
Size of StarshipTime Required
Fine1d8 x 10 minutes
Diminutive to Small1d10 x 20 minutes
Medium-size to Large2d8 x 30 minutes
Huge2d6 hours
Gargantuan4d6 hours
Colossal8d6 hours

The object’s disguise can include an apparent change of height or weight of no more than one-tenth the original unless specially crafted accessories are utilized. Your Disguise check result is opposed by the Search checks of anyone looking at the item, or otherwise searching in the area in question. The GM makes the Disguise check for you secretly, so that you’re not sure how well the object’s disguise holds up to close examination. (This is not the same as putting an object completely out of sight, which in an application of the Hide skill).

Try Again?: No, though you can assume the same disguise again at a later time. If others saw through the previous disguise, they are automatically treated as suspicious if you use the same disguise again in the near future.

Special: You can take 10 or 20 when establishing a disguise.

A character without a disguise kit takes a –4 penalty on Disguise checks.

A character with the Deceptive feat gets a +2 bonus on all Disguise checks.

You can help someone else establish a disguise, treating it as an Aid Another attempt.

Time: A disguise check takes 1d4X10 minutes of preparation.

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