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Minor injuries simply require time to heal. Medical attention is required to recover from serious levels of bashing damage or from any form of lethal damage. If your character reaches Crippled, whether from Bashing or Lethal damage, he must seek professional help.

The accompanying charts list the time involved in healing damage. Bashing and Lethal damage recover differently. Recovery time lists how long it takes to heal that specific health level; the time is cumulative. An Adventurer who takes three levels of bashing damage needs one hour to heal each one before he's fully fit. If a character suffers five lethal damage levels, it takes one month to recover from Maimed to Wounded. After that, the character needs an additional three weeks and four days in total to recover from the remaining lethal damage. Since bashing damage heals first, an adventurer who takes four levels of lethal damage and one of bashing needs three hours to recover the bashing level before he starts recovering from the lethal wounds.

These recovery times assume the individual receives only basic care (first aid and bed rest). If he's treated by a trained physician (Medicine 2 Ability rating) in a decently equipped hospital or clinic, the character heals each health level at one category higher on the health chart. If the character is lucky enough to enjoy treatment by a medical genius (Ability mastery in Medicine), he heals each health level at two categories higher on the health chart. If the patient forgoes special treatment at any point, he returns to healing at normal rates.

No matter the quality of the treatment process involved, each level of bashing damage still takes at least one hour to heal, and lethal damage still takes a minimum of one day to heal.

Healing Bashing Damage

Bashing damage up to the Wounded level can be cared for without medical skill; these wounds heal on their own, without treatment. Bashing damage beyond Wounded may have deeper consequences. Your character's vision or hearing may be altered due to a concussion, he may suffer excruciating pain from internal bruising or experience some other extreme discomfort. Receiving adequate medical attention negates these effects.

Health LevelRecovery Time
Bruised to Wounded One hour
MaimedThree hours
CrippledSix hours
Incapacitated 12 hours

Once bashing levels reach Incapacitated any further bashing wounds are X'd over previous ones, making them lethal. At that point, recovery is handled as lethal damage.

Healing Lethal Damage

Lethal damage of any sort can be deadly- that's why it's called lethal! Lethal wounds that go unattended may continue bleeding until your character passes out and dies from blood loss. Other dangers can also arise from infection, poisoning or broken limbs.

Any lethal damage past Hurt requires medical treatment to prevent further harm. Untreated lethal wounds worsen by one level of lethal damage per day. When your character sustains lethal damage down to Incapacitated, he's one health level away from death. If he takes one more wound (whether bashing or lethal) he dies. If your character is at Maimed or higher, he may recover with rest over the times listed below. However, if he is Crippled or Incapacitated, no recovery is possible unless he receives medical attention. Indeed, at Incapacitated your character is comatose at worse and delirious at best, and he could still die.

Health LevelRecovery Time
BruisedOne day
HurtThree days
InjuredOne week
WoundedTwo weeks
MaimedOne month
CrippledTwo months
IncapacitatedFour months
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