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Perform (Acting) (Skill)

Perform (Acting) (Cha)

Check: You are accomplished in portraying a role and know how to put on a performance. You can impress audiences with your talent and skill. The quality of your performance depends on your check result.

Act: You are a gifted actor, capable of performing drama, comedy, or action-oriented roles with some level of skill.

Stand-Up: You are a gifted comedian, capable of performing a stand-up routine before an audience.

Storytelling: Retelling a story that's been told to you or recalling an adventure that happened to you in an entertaining and memorable way..

Impersonations: Mimicking others, usually well-known personalities or intimate acquaintances.

Try Again?: Not for the same performance and audience.

Special: You can take 10 when making a Perform check, but you can't take 20.

Every time a character takes the Creative feat, he gets a +2 bonus on checks involving two Perform skills he designates.

Time: A Perform check usually requires at least several minutes to an hour or more.

Result Performance
10Amateur performance. Audience may appreciate your performance, but isn’t impressed
15Routine performance. Audience enjoys your performance, but it isn’t exceptional
20Great performance. Audience highly impressed
25Memorable performance. Audience enthusiastic
30Masterful performance. Audience awed
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