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Psionic Refelction (Feat)

You can reflect psionic effects back at their originator.

Prerequisites: Psionic Ability, Telepathy, 8 or more ranks in Psionic Shield.

Benefit: When your Psionic Shield successfully blocks a psionic effect directed at you, you can make another Psionic Shield skill check against the attacker’s skill check. If you succeed, the psionic skill directed at you affects the attacker instead, using the attacker’s skill bonus. You do not suffer any strain for the reflected skill (the attacker does) but you are in control of the effect, even if you do not possess that skill. You must maintain the skill yourself (if necessary) and it has its normal effect and duration. The attacker may defend and save against the reflected psionic effect normally, but cannot use Psionic Reflection against it as well. Any attempt to do so simply causes the effect to dissipate.

Time: Psionic Reflection is a reaction.

Strain: 4.

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