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Tri-Staff (Equipment)

The Concord Administrator’s badge of office, the Tri-staff is virtually impossible for anyone other than a Concord Administrator to obtain. The Tri-Staff consists of a 6-foot-long pole with three trident-like blades at its head.

In addition to its basic combat abilities, the Tri-staff may be powered up as a free action, dealing +1d6 points of electrical damage in addition to its normal damage. At the same time, the Tri-staff generates a force field that grants its wielder DR 10/-. The Tri-Staff can be powered up in this way for 10 rounds before needing to recharge from a power source for one hour.

Proficiency Type: Exotic Weapon

PL: 8

  • Tri-Staff*
  • 2d6
  • 19-20, x2
  • Slashing -
  • Large
  • 12 lb
  • 23
  • Mil (+3)

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