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Sleight of Hand (Skill)


Trained Only; Armor Penalty

You can lift a wallet and hide it on your person, palm an unattended object, hide a small weapon in your clothing, or perform some feat of adroitness with an object no larger than a hat or a loaf of bread.

Check: A check against DC 10 lets you palm a coin-sized, unattended object. Minor feats of sleight of hand, such as making a coin disappear, also have a DC of 10 unless an observer is concentrating on noticing what you are doing.

When you perform this skill under close observation, your skill check is opposed by the observer's Spot check. The observer's check doesn't prevent you from performing the action, just from doing it unnoticed.

When you try to take something from another person, your opponent makes a Spot check to detect the attempt. To obtain the object, you must get a result of 20 or higher, regardless of the opponent's check result. The opponent detects the attempt if her check result beats your check result, whether you take the object or not. You can use Sleight of Hand to conceal a small weapon or object on your body.

Try Again?: A second Sleight of Hand attempt against the same target, or when being watched by the same observer, has a DC 10 higher than the first check if the first check failed or if the attempt was noticed.

Special: You can take 10 when making a Sleight of Hand check, but you can't take 20.

You can make an untrained Sleight of Hand check to conceal a weapon or object, but you must always take 10.

A character with the Nimble feat and at least 1 rank in this skill gets a +2 bonus on all Sleight of Hand checks.

Time: A Sleight of Hand check is an attack action.

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