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Heavy Weapon Port (Cyberware)


This sizable attachment allows the recipient to mount a two-handed ranged weapon over his shoulder and control it via his HUD link. The weapon slides down across his back when not in use.

Benefit: The recipient can attach a specially modified ranged weapon of up to one size category larger than himself to a port on his back. As a free action, he can move the weapon into firing position on his shoulder. The weapon is used as if held in extra arms, requiring a standard action. If fired as part of a full action, it is considered an off-hand attack. If the recipient is making an attack with each of his other hands, each of his natural hands takes an additional –2 penalty on attack rolls and the mounted weapon takes a total –8 penalty. If the recipient has a tailgunner, it may be assigned to control the heavy weapon port, taking attacks as it normally would. The heavy weapon mount can only be installed on a cyborg with either a fortified skeleton or an exoskeleton, and requires a HUD link and NIJack system to use. Modifying a weapon for use in the heavy weapon port adds +2 to its base purchase DC. Removing or attaching a weapon is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

Type: External

Location: One torso

Hardness/Hit Points: 10/15

Base Purchase DC: 25 (not including weapon)

Restriction: Mil. (+3)

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