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HUD Link (Cyberware)

The cyberware recipient's eyes perform as a heads-up display (HUD) or optic screen and are connected to an internal radio that receives visual and audio input and transmits her audio output.

Benefit: The cyberware recipient can cause information from any device designed to work with her HUD to overlay her field of vision, allowing her to read the information without looking at the equipment. (Any sensor can be attuned to her HUD link, increasing its purchase DC by 2.)

If the cyberware recipient also has a subcutaneous cell phone, internal comm gear, or internal unicom and microcomputer, these devices work in concert. This allows her to communicate with other communication devices, including radios held by allies. This also allows information to be transmitted to the cyberware recipient through broadcast from the Grid. Likewise, any other audio or video cyberware that the recipient has installed can be linked in the system.

A HUD link can be used to highlight the outline of a creature or object on mental command, granting a +2 bonus on Spot checks when pursuing a specific target.

Type: Internal

Location: One head

Hardness/Hit Points: -/3

Base Purchase DC: 19

Restriction: None

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