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Behavioral Matrix (Cyberware)


A behavioral matrix is a series of processors and programs allow a subject to take on the personality, mannerisms, and memories of a specific individual.

Benefit: The recipient of a behavioral matrix gains a +4 bonus to Bluff and Disguise checks when posing as another individual. In conjunction with cosmetic reconstruction. The imposter is often hard to detect, even while sitting next to original.

The matrix must be programmed with the details of the target, requiring both research (usually Research and/or Computer Use checks, DC varies) and programming (Computer Use check DC 20). Only one personality matrix can run at any one time.

The recipient must have a NIJack system implanted in order to take advantage of this implant.

Type: Internal.

Location: One head.

Hardness/Hit Points: -/2.

Base Purchase DC: 25.

Restriction: Res. (+ 2)

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