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First Contact Consul (Advanced Class)

Storyteller House Rule

A rare occupation at best, most first contact consuls act as special agents in the diplomatic branches of major governments or large corporations. Trained in assessing alien biospheres, evaluating signs of sentience, and establishing contact, a first contact expert only gets a few opportunities to apply her knowledge in the course of her entire career, since sentient aliens just aren't that common. In rare cases, first contact consuls have been hired away from their parent organizations by independent outposts in areas where the possibility for alien contact exists. In addition to the five space-faring species known to humankind, there are several dozen other sentient species within the bounds of Old Space and the Verge. For various reasons, these lesser-known species have been left in peace, isolated by the unbridgeable gap of interstellar space. Some are developing races whose cultures have been protected by enlightened rulings on the part of the discovering nation, while others are so noxious or insidious that it was deemed necessary to bottle them up in their home system and quarantine them forever. Finding new alien species in the Verge and determining their status offers a great challenge for first contact consuls.

In the Verge: Most first contact consuls are part of the Galactic Concord’s diplomatic service, assigned to an embassy near the particular region of space in which they serve.


To qualify to become a First Contact Consul, a character must fulfill the following criteria.

Class Information

The following information pertains to the First Contact Consul advanced class.

Hit Die: 1d

Action Points: + one-half character level, rounded down, every time the First Contact Consul attains a new level in this class.

Class Skills

The First Contact Consul’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are:

Appraise (Int), Autohypnosis (Wis), Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Computer Use (Int), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Craft (Biological) (Int), Craft (Chemical) (Int), Craft (Electronic) (Int), Craft (Mechanical) (Int), Craft (Pharmaceutical) (Int), Craft (Software) (Int), Craft (Structural) (Int), Craft (Visual Art) (Int), Craft (Writing) (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Demolitions (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Int), Disguise (Cha), Drive (Dex), Escape Artist (Dex), Forgery (Int), Gamble (Wis), Gather Information (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Investigate (Int), Jump (Str), Knowledge (Int), Knowledge (Administration) (Int), Knowledge (Construction) (Int), Knowledge (Criminal) (Int), Knowledge (Current Events) (Int), Knowledge (Economics) (Int), Knowledge (Humanities) (Int), Knowledge (Life Sciences) (Int), Knowledge (Locations) (Int), Knowledge (Military) (Int), Knowledge (Physical Science) (Int), Knowledge (Religion) (Int), Knowledge (Social Sciences) (Int), Knowledge (Technology) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Navigation (Int), Perform (Cha), Perform (Acting) (Cha), Perform (Music) (Cha), Perform (Physical Movement) (Cha), Perform (Vocal) (Cha), Pilot (Dex), Profession (Wis), Read & Write Language, Repair (Int), Research (Int), Ride (Dex), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Speak Language, Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), Treat Injury (Wis), Tumble (Dex)

Skill Points at Each Level: + Int modifier.

Class Features

The following features pertain to the First Contact Consul advanced class.

Advancement Table: The First Contact Consul

Class LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecialDefense BonusReputation Bonus
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